First Impressions Of The Huawei Y7 Pro

We got our hands on the Huawei Y7 Pro and it’s a looker

Huawei's recent release of the Huawei Y7 Pro marks another budget friendly smartphone joining the fray and it has to be one of the most attractive ones so far. With a glossy polycarbonate back panel with a gradient color pattern

that makes the Y7 Pro look more on the high-end spectrum despite being an entry-level  phone. It's definitely aiming for the more trendy youths on a budget, and that's not a bad thing. 

In terms of overall feel of the phone, it does feel good in your hands, with all buttons placed within reach well enough without any strain. The phone uses a micro-usb and has a headphone jack, so you can still listen to music using traditional headphones. It does lack a fingerprint scanner as part of its security features, but that's replaced with a face recognition security instead which may be ideal for those who prefer a faster way of unlocking their phones. 

Overall the smartphone looks high-end and has all the basics a person will need from a smartphone. We will be giving an in-depth review of the smartphone soon enough that covers the technical aspects of the smartphone, its camera and its performance so stay tuned! 

Huawei has not released an official price or a release date for the Huawei Y7 Pro  in Malaysia, though its expected price is around MYR899.