First impressions: The Archt Mini is the Fabergé egg of audio

It might be small in size, but boy, is it big on sound

The 360-degree compact speaker promises to bring the bass of your music wirelessly without compromising on the other tones. But does the Archt Mini deliver? We heard it out in Vegas.

Tough egg to crack

The Archt Mini might be small, but it isn’t exactly portable. At 1.2kg, it’s not going to be your first choice to haul to a friend’s party, or take along on your travels. But having said that, it’s compact enough to move it downstairs to your condo’s pool for a barbecue gathering, or from your living room to your kitchen for a better and more powerpacked sound experience than your average el cheapo portable speakers.

It is beautifully built, dressed from head to toe in aluminium like a modern minimalist Fabergé egg. That said, we see it sitting on your coffee table or by your bedside as an upgrade to your interior design, as well as doubling up as a pretty powerful speaker.

Given its weight, it feels nice and solid, adding to the premium feel. You needn’t be worried about accidentally swiping this off the table at all.

Super bass

For something so compact, it has seriously robust sound. Bass was full-bodied without muffling the higher tones in the music, a problem that strickens most of the audio equipment that brings the bass. We heard it out in a rather small room so it’s difficult to say how it might sound in a bigger space. We’ll leave it to when we can get one for a full review.

What is most interesting though is its patented Bass Impact Architecture. The tech makes use of the different surfaces to channel the bass through. As a result, your music sounds different depending on the type of surface you place it on.

For example, if you put it on something hollow, the bass will be deeper. And the bigger the surface, the further away you will be able to hear the bass from, also thanks to its 360-degree all round sound. Being able to adjust the bass like so gives an element of interactivity to the Archt Mini and lets you play around with sound.

The interface is touch-enabled and responds with voice prompts instead of just cryptic beeps. On a full charge, the wireless Bluetooth speaker will last twelve hours, enough for your epic barbecue gathering to last from dusk till dawn.

Intrigued? The Archt Mini will be priced at US$299 with its Kickstarter starting sometime in March. Till then, you can register your interest on the Archt Audio site.