The first 9 apps and games to install on your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Make your new iPhone appy with these tasty treats that’ll push it to the limits

So you’ve got yourself an iPhone 7 or an iPhone 7 Plus. Well done, you – Apple’s latest smartphones are among the very best.

But now you’ve fiddled with the camera, admired the Retina HD display with cinema-standard colours, and been a little taken aback when surprisingly meaty sound emanated from the stereo speakers, you’re thinking: "What next?"

Here’s what: install these superb apps and games and find out what your new smartphone is really capable of.

ProCam 4 (RM21)

You might be thinking Apple’s made a perfectly good camera app itself – and you’d be right. But if you want to get the very best from your iPhone 7’s camera, ProCam offers you far more control.

It’s a good iOS 10 citizen, so shoots RAW. But you also get loads of options for exposure settings, shutter modes, and on-screen grids to avoid embarrassingly skew-whiff selfies. Add in some quick editing features (including amusing toy camera lenses), and you’ve a must-have for iPhone photographers.

Download ProCam 4

Lightroom (free)

When the new iPhones were unveiled, Lightroom was rightly highlighted, Apple's Phil Schiller noting the iOS app delivers a decent chunk of the desktop version’s features.

This means you get an impressively high-quality handheld editing suite for RAW images and other formats, with single-tap fixes for common problems, and fine-grained control of tone, vignettes and detail.

Rather generously, this is all free, although Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers enjoy cross-device sync, and the means to apply adjustments to specific parts of an image.

Download Lightroom

Pixelmator (RM21)

If your image-editing needs are more creative in nature than fine-tuning photos, Pixelmator’s where it’s at. Essentially a miniature Photoshop squeezed into your iPhone, this powerful, impressive app provides tools for working up complex multi-layered imagery comprising photography, digital paint and text.

Like desktop equivalents, Pixelmator is happiest when it can tap into plenty of power – which makes the new iPhones ideal partners (and especially iPhone 7 Plus with its extra GB of RAM).

Download Pixelmator