The first 15 things you should do with your OnePlus 5T

7) Relax your retinas with night mode

Been struggling to get a good night's sleep recently? It could be because your phone is pumping blue light into your eyeballs just before you're heading to bed. Which isn't good. Use Night Mode and the 5T will strip out this light, giving things a warmer, yellow hue that won't leave you counting sheep.

The 5T has an automatic mode, just like the OnePlus 5 does - which is miles better than having to manually toggle it on and off every night like you did on older phones. Head to Settings > Display and tap Night Mode, then select "Turn on automatically" and choose either a specific time, or leave it on sunrise-to-sunset. You can dial the effect up or down too, in case it's a little too yellow for your liking.

8) Feed your inner bookworm with Reading mode

An AMOLED panel is great and all, but for reading, E-ink still has the edge in viewing angles and bright light legibility. The 5T's Reading mode helps close that gap a little, scanning the room with the phone's ambient light sensor and adjusting the colour temperature on the fly. It only works with specific apps, though.

Go to Settings > Display and tap Reading mode to toggle it on manually, or choose from a list of your installed apps and have it activate automatically whenever you open a particular app.

9) Play in peace and quiet with Gaming D'N'D

Getting interrupted with a flurry of notifications is no fun when you're madly trying to crush candies or clash royale-ly, so silence 'em with the gaming-specific Do Not Disturb mode. 

Head to Settings > Advanced and tap on Gaming Do Not Disturb. Now you can selec specific apps to mute all incoming notifications when you're playing, without having to toggle a setting on or off after every play session.