The first 10 things you should do with your HTC 10

Find out how to get the best from our favourite Android all-rounder...

If its rivals are the flashy, shades-wearing sprinters, the HTC 10 is the decathlete of the smartphone world – a brilliant all-rounder with incredible stamina.

Its claims of a two-day battery life held up in our testing and the theme of dependability doesn't stop there, with a clutter-free UI and a heft that makes it genuinely enjoyable to hold.

That doesn't mean it's perfectly tuned to your needs out of the box though, so we've rounded up our favourite tweaks to make sure it's HTC's new flagship is your perfect 10.

1) Tweak the screen

If screen fidelity is really important to you then you'll love the Colour Profile setting on the HTC 10.

Not only does it allow you to switch the display's profile from vivid and sRGB colour ranges, you can also use a slider to tweak how these colour ranges look themselves so they're either warmer or colder in temperature.

2) Embrace Google Photos

Unlike most Android phones, HTC has gone out of its way with its new Sense UI to make sure there aren't duplicate apps in it. That means you only get one app for messaging and Google Photos is the phone's default gallery app.

If you haven't used Google Photos yet it's well worth signing up for because, as well as offering a good suite of editing options, it gives you plenty of cloud storage for your photos too. Not sure where to start? Try our guide on mastering Google Photos.

3) Take a shortcut

One of the more novel features of the HTC 10 is its ability to apply sticker-led themes to its homescreen. These allow you to replace app icons with cute little drawings like a signpost or a campfire.

The icons can then themselves be used to link to apps like Chrome, Google Photos or anything that's already been downloaded on your phone.

4) Find the (soft) key

Rather than having touchscreen 'back' and 'recent app' buttons HTC has reverted to soft keys with the 10.

These can be customised so they're always on when your screen is on and the recent apps button can be used as a link to the menu as well if you hold it down.

5) Customise the sound

One of the most useful features of the HTC 10 is the ability to set audio profiles according to the headphones that you use.

Go for a setup process for tweaks to treble, bass and mid-range according to your left and right headphones and eventually you'll get a sound that's optimised for the way you hear music.