Fantasy Stars: 5 of the most memorable Final Fantasy titles you must play

Time to take a wonderful trip down memory lane with these 5 entries to the longest running Japanese RPG series
Fantasy Stars: 5 memorable Final Fantasy titles

At Stuff, we love our Japanese RPGs. Square Enix holds a special place in our heart, especially with their Final Fantasy series.

In fact, the company will be releasing two major RPGs this month; Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and Bravely Default, a homage to old-school Final Fantasy goodness. There's also the 15th entry to the series, Final Fantasy XV, in the works for the PS4.

With that in mind, we decided to take a little trip down memory lane and recount 5 of the best games the Final Fantasy franchise has wrought upon the gaming world.

1. Final Fantasy VII: Spiky hair goodness

Final Fantasy VII

Let’s start off with the most significant, and very likely the most iconic title of the series - Final Fantasy VII. 

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'd have at least heard of the game. Released in 1997 for the Playstation, the game's main star was a spiky-haired guy named Cloud and his huge-ass Buster Sword. It had a pretty engaging plot with a somewhat environmental spin to it, involving a group of rebels trying to take down a conglomerate feeding off the planet’s life force (sort of like Greenpeace going up against any major oil company).

Throw in a trenchcoat-wearing psychopath with mommy issues and a host of other characters, and you got yourself a game full of drama.

The gameplay was extremely memorable as well. Fight with fantastical monster, summon bestial allies complete elaborate firepower sequences, and customise your party’s abilities with orbs called Materia. The best part? The graphics were absolutely stunning for its time.

There's no denying the seventh game’s impact on gaming and pop culture. If we had a dollar everytime we saw someone cosplay as Cloud, Sephiroth or Tifa, we'd be rolling in money now. 

Want to relive your polygonal memories? No problem, you can get Final Fantasy VII on Steam and PlayStation Network.