Face swap: the what, why and how of the most ridiculous trend

Check out these face swapping apps

MSQRD (Free)

The app popularized by Cara Delevingne and subsequently every Instagram model wannabe. Full of great masks with interactive features based on your facial movement, and also allows you to record videos - whether you use a mask or swap faces.

Download MSQRD for iOS and Android

Face Stealer (Free)

An App by Yahoo Japan, face stealer was one of the first facial recognition apps we noticed quite a while back. It allows you to take any image of any face ofF the Internet, and customize a mask which will then map onto your face. Allows you to take photos and record videos. Yahoo Japan also has another app that uses facial recognition to animate your own cartoon avatar within a chat.

Download Face Stealer for iOS

Face swap live (Free)

Primarily a face swapping app that lets you change your face with a friend in real time, so it’s good for funny videos. There’s another feature of the app that lets you stick your face on other images, as well as stick other faces on your own - whether it be famous celebrities or your odd looking animals- name your poison, you can search online for practically any image in existence.

Download Face swap live for iOS

Face Bomb! (RM4)

Another app by the makers of Face Swap! Face bomb clones one face and sticks it on everyone else in the photo. Same as the above, you can also make your own adjustments so that the face bombing is as seamless as your OCD demands. Strange that the developers didn’t just stick face swapping and face bombing together as multiple functions of one single app.

Download Face Bomb! for iOS