Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in Malaysia

Not sure if you should take the Galaxy Note 8 plunge? Let Stuff help you decide

It’s been a long time coming - the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has finally arrived and Note fans around the world are eager to get their hands on the phablet.

The infinity display makes its appearance on the new Galaxy Note 8, along with the brand new dual camera setup (with background blur control before or after the shot is taken), more you can do with your S Pen and an App Pair shortcut that takes advantage of this 6GB multitasking monster - Bixby also arrives in English just in time as well.

Then there’s the expanded DeX Station features to transform your Galaxy Note 8 into an even better desktop than before, like more e-mail control, fullscreen gaming, Zoom conference calls, full Lightroom functionality and Samsung Soundcamp to create your own tunes.

We’ve got all the info you need to catch up on the launch - from hands-on reviews to comparisons and most importantly, how to get your hands on one when it arrives.