Every Tetris block - reviewed

As the puzzle classic turns 30, we put the seven Tetriminos to the ultimate test
Tetris - the ultimate review

There are few harder-working shapes in the world than the seven Tetriminos that make up Tetris.

In the 30 years since Soviet programmer Alexey Pajitnov created Tetris on an Elektronika 60, it’s been played on pretty much anything with buttons. But which is the best block?

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Tetris - the ultimate review
The L piece
The S piece

1. The J piece

The J is a creative workhorse - like England midfielder James Milner, but smaller and more angular. It has decent attacking ability, slipping into tight gaps and regularly scoring three-liners. But its shape also makes it a good defensive performer, able to fit neatly into corners and providing a decent platform from which to build.

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2. The L piece

Does pretty much the same work as the J, but from the other side of the field.

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3. The S piece

A superbly creative block which regularly holds the key to a good score. Can be difficult to work with defensively though.

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Tetris - the ultimate review
The Z piece
The O piece

4. The T piece

The most underrated block in the game, the T can do anything you ask of it. Its rotational abilities give it a flexibility that the other pieces just can’t compete with and it rarely lets the side down. Other blocks want to be it, or sleep with it, or both.

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5. The Z piece

A waste of space, put on this Earth by Satan to increase our blood pressure. All it takes is three of these hell-spawns in quick succession to ruin your delicate, lovingly crafted foundations. It's the mosquito of Tetris, and we take great satisfaction in swatting it away with well-placed lines.

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6. The O piece

The boiled potato of the Tetris world: you’re never unhappy to see them, but after the 10th one in a row you’re desperate for chips.

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Tetris - the ultimate review

7. The I piece

The brash, arrogant glory-seeking star of the game. The only piece capable of scoring a Tetris, but also the one that’s most likely to go missing for minutes on end as soon as you build a perfect one-square channel for it. It’s probably off signing bras or something.

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