Every 2017 LG OLED TV detailed

There are five models this year and they're all lovely, but which is the one for you?

I'm sure you know this by now but just to confirm - OLED TVs are bloody lovely.

And this year there are going to be more of them than ever, what with Sony, Panasonic and Philips joining LG in the OLED arena.

LG's not taking this new competition lightly, though, and has announced no less than five different OLED models for 2017.

So what's the difference? And which one's right for you? You'll find all of the details below, and while LG hasn't yet announced prices, we'll update this feature with them as soon as they're available. You'll also find links to detailed hands-ons and reviews for those TVs that we've looked at more closely.

And a quick heads-up to save us all a lot of time: other than size, the OLED panels and image processing are the same no matter which of LG's 2017 OLEDs you choose so - in theory at least - the picture should be identical. That means you can decide which to buy based purely on the design, sound and, of course, price.

All the details are but a scroll away.

Signature W7 "Wallpaper" OLED

"The Daddy". "The Don". "The Big Kahuna". All names that would be appropriate for the Signature W7 were it not for the fact that it's incredibly, astonishingly, almost unbelievably thin.

Want some figures? How about 2.8mm? That's how thin this TV is. And thanks to a rather incredible bracket, which sticks to your wall with adhesive tape and holds your TV via magnets and a little hook, even when mounted it protrudes from the wall by just 4mm. It's amazing. Genuinely, fabulously amazing.

Not that there aren't caveats, mind. First, there's no pedestal stand or similar. This is a wall-mount or bust situation. Second, the screen has to be connected to an external unit that handles all of the switches, connections and processing gubbins, and that's a much chunkier unit that, perversely, can't be wall mounted unless you put a shelf up.

But this external unit also doubles-up as a Dolby Atmos soundbar, which is something none of the other LG OLEDs (or any other TV for that matter) has. That soundbar creates virtual surround sound that doesn't just stretch around you, but also above. Having heard it in action we're really rather impressed.

As mentioned, all of LG's OLEDs share the same picture specs, but it's worth quickly running through what those are as they're really rather impressive. Naturally, this is a 4K (UHD) screen, and it supports not only the basic HDR10 spec, but also the more advanced Dolby Vision and the rarer HLG and Advanced HDR by Technicolor standards. In short, if there's a box to be ticked, it has been.

Naturally, you also get the latest version of LG's smart TV platform - WebOS 3.5. It gives you access to all of the usual on-demand services via a very snazzy UI that you navigate using the Magic Remote, which is kind of like a laser pointer but much cooler and far less of a threat to air travel.

Price: TBC

Sizes: 77in and 65in

Signature G7 OLED

In comparison to the W7 "Wallpaper" TV, the G7, which sits just below it in the range, looks positively dull. But let's not forget that this is essentially the same panel and picture awesomeness in a less head-turning package. Let's also not forget that it's bound to be a whole load less expensive.

So here you've still got 4K, all of the HDR formats under the sun and the same amazing OLED contrast and colours. What you haven't got is the ultra-thin, bendable panel or the Dolby Atmos soundbar.

That's not to say this isn't a very thin TV on the whole, as the panel itself is just 2.57mm thick. But here it's sitting atop a big, deep, stand-cum-speaker unit. LG actually says this is also a Dolby Atmos sound system, but we're not sure how that can be possible without upward-firing speakers - we've asked Dolby and LG for clarification and will update when we hear back.

Atmos or no Atmos, that speaker is quite clever in that, as well as acting as the TV's pedestal stand, it can be folded up behind the TV if you go down the wall-mounting route. It should be plenty powerful, too, as it's rated to 60W in the 65in version of the telly and a mighty 80W in the 77in model.

Price: TBC

Sizes: 77in and 65in


At this point LG ditches the "Signature" bit of the name, but remember that you're still getting the same 4K/HDR/OLED picture here as you are with the top-of-the-range W7 and G7.

The G7's big speaker stand is gone, replaced with a slimmer, less powerful speaker unit and a more traditional pedestal stand with a smaller overall footprint.

Speaking of size, perhaps the biggest change here compared to the models above is that it's available in 55in and 65in versions, rather than 65in and 77in. So if you want the most premium 55in LG OLED, this is it.

Price: TBC

Sizes: 65in and 55in