Essential gear for smartphone photography

Smartphone photography can be enhanced so much more with the right gear.
Accessories for your smartphone camera is a developing market, but third-party manufacturers are finding more and more creative ways to part with your hard-earned cash.
These gadgets make us say, "Shut up and take my money."
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Selfie stick

Love or hate them, the selfie is here to stay. In the days before smartphones we called them self-portraits. This isn't some shallow trend, this is a form of expression with a storied history.

So raise your selfie game with a selfie stick. And raise your selfie sticks in solidarity. It's here to stay!

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Sick of camera shake? You need a tripod. You can get a cheap tripod from Daiso, but you get what you pay for. A gorilla pod is another option. They are much larger, more stable and more flexible. They also double as a kid's toy.

A tripod is only half of the equation. We still have to resort to clip-style mounts when attaching our smartphones to tripods. Investing in a good one can make all the difference. Check out Joby's Grip Tight Mount for something sturdy.


When your built-in lens isn't cutting the mustard, add-on lenses will help you get the sharpest focus possible or the right effects. Olloclip produces lenses for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Samsung's Galaxy S series phones. And they offer a range of lenses: macro, tele-photo, fish-eye.

They are available in Malaysia, but you might want to explore other brands before making a purchase, like Lensbaby.


If the phone's flash is too weak, then external flash is the way to go. Photojojo's Pocket Spotlight is one way to shed some light on the subject.

Pocket Spotlight's are currently out of stock on the Photojojo Shop, the product page says they should have more stock mid-August, but you might be able to find a local reseller if you do a little hunting.


Power bank

If you're going to spend a few hours shooting photos, you might want to get a power bank. The biggest drain on the phone's battery is the screen. And you're going to be using the screen a lot.

There are too many models to count, but a branded one might come with a handy after-sales policy, which might save you some hassle further down the line.


Micro SD card

If you're like me, you're taking pictures in the highest resolution. Also like me, you're running out of space. A micro SD card is one way around storage problems, so that we don't have to shoot in less than 13 megapixels. What kind of animal does that?

If your device can take Micro SD cards, Samsung is one brand to look into. PNY, Sandisk and Kingston are also good.

Pocket printers

Sharing your amazing photos on social media is step one, the next step is to print them out and share them IRL.

The LG Pocket Printer might be models you can look into. Check out this video review of the LG Pocket Printer from Stuff Magazine Middle East. Or check out the Canon Selphy CP910. Both are available in Malaysia.

And there you go, enough gear to hamstring your mobility. You're going to need a bigger bag.