Drop everything and try SwiftKey Note, the cleverest keyboard your iPhone ever had

Hell hasn’t frozen over — an Android-style predictive keyboard is now available for your iPhone. Sort of
Swiftkey Note

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What? Are you drunk on Vimto again? Oops — sorry! We were just testing out this SwiftKey Note app for iOS, and seeing what would happen if we started a sentence with ‘Stuff’ and then kept hitting the main option provided on the keyboard prediction bar.

Woah. Hang on a minute — SwiftKey’s now on iOS? OH MY GOD! Not quite. SwiftKey Note is on iOS, not SwiftKey in the sense of a system-wide keyboard that can be used in any app.

SwiftKey Note
SwiftKey Note
SwiftKey Note

Oh. That sounds a bit rubbish. Actually, it’s pretty good. For a start, it gives us an inkling into what would happen if Apple took our advice and started totally stealing some really great bits of Android for iOS. Also, it’s actually a really useful way to rapidly type up notes on iOS, because it fairly often guesses the right word, in a manner that’s usually more accurate than the standard iOS auto-correct. Also, we had a rather illuminating talk recently with someone who’s dyslexic, and they said Android’s prediction bar was a life-saver, so there’s that, too.

But does the app totally live within its own little silo? Pretty much. There’s certainly never going to come a day when SwiftKey works system-wide, unless Tim Cook and his Apple colleagues get very, very drunk for a long time and change the course of iOS. However, SwiftKey Note data can easily enough be shared via Evernote integration, email, or a clipboard copy (although, oddly, not directly via Twitter or Facebook).

SwiftKey Note

OK, so what else does it do? You can search your notes and organise them into notebooks. There’s a tagging system, enabling you to group notes that are stored across various notebooks. And multiple language support provides the means to venture beyond English, to French (original or Canadian flavour), German and Italian.

Behold: Je suis en train de faire un tour sur le site de la semaine prochaine pour le moment!

I have no idea what you just said. Neither do I.

[iPhone renders by Pixeden]

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