Drop everything and try: Pacemaker, your DJ app with a whole lot of music

Get crazy on the mix deck with the whole Spotify music catalogue
Pacemaker for iPad

Why bother building your own library of songs when you have thousands of songs online to mix? That’s the whole idea behind Pacemaker for iPad. With its partnership with Spotify, you don’t just get a few hundred songs to play with, you get 20 million.

I’m no DJ and the dials and controls usually scare me

Pacemaker for iPad controls

Pacemaker isn’t really aimed at the more advanced DJ set. Forget all those complicated dials and buttons you usually find on other DJ apps. Pacemakers’s controls are so easy that even a 10-year-old can get mixing in a flash.

It uses a simple radial interface with four effect options, a sync button and a slider. No bloated synth pads or dials that usually pepper most DJ apps. See, so simple.

How about music? I’ve only got my muzak playlist on my iPad

Pacemaker for iPad Spotify playlist

That’s where the beauty of Pacemaker comes in. If you have a Spotify account, just link it with Pacemaker and voila, you’ve got access to 20 million songs of the Internet. Forget your muzak playlist.

Wait a minute? Music streaming? Wouldn’t that be a bit slow?

Not really. With a good connection, songs load up really fast and as we found while tinkering around with it, you won’t be getting any audio skips either. 

Great so it’s totally free right?

Pacemaker for iPad in-app purchase

Yes and no. The basic app allows you to run two songs and use some basic mixing effects. The rest you have to buy. It’s not so bad though since each upgrade is only US$1.99 each. With only six upgrades in total, it won't maim your wallet. It even has a US$9.99 value pack for all six upgrades.

That doesn’t sound too bad. All right I’m ready to record my next mix hit

About recording: if you’ve got your own library of songs, in the iPad itself and you mix them, recording’s not a problem. The Spotify tracks however aren’t recordable due to licensing reasons.