Don't wait, get the PS4 now

Melvin Tang believes you should not listen to his colleague's crazy advice to hold off on that purchase. He's waited long enough for the PS4
Don't wait, get the PS4 now

If you’ve ever rushed home to watch the latest episode of your favourite TV series, or gotten the newest iThing as soon as your contract was up, you’ll know exactly why you should get a PS4 on launch day.

It’s that fulfilment of anticipation that we as humans crave to satisfy, and any true gamer will undoubtedly have been lamenting the past four years (out of the past eight or so since the Xbox 360) without a new next-generation console to sink our teeth into.

You'll just be missing out

Killzone: Shadow Fall

After all, who wants to feel left out when all his/her friends are talking about all the latest games they’ve been staying up all night with on their new PS4? Tein Hee might bang his drum about waiting for the second version of the PS4 to come out for the improvements blah, blah, blah, but that would equate to at least two years of waiting before that happens, judging by past history with the PS3 Slim. Also, it seems he hasn’t heard of something called firmware patches.

In that two years of waiting, he would have missed out on tons of console-exclusive content that he wouldn’t find on the PC, or even the Xbox One when it finally gets to Singapore. That’s an eternity when it comes to games. Unchartered has just been announced for the PS4. There's no release date yet, but I'm betting it won't be too far away.

Were you to really wait and only pick up a copy of the game with a second-release PS4, would you enjoy it as much? Nobody would be talking about it, you’d probably have come across an infinite amount of spoilers by then, and for all you know, the sequel would already be out. If that appeals to you, then go ahead and wait, though I hope you don’t share that same philosophy when it comes to dating.

Although it might cost an eyebrow-raising RM1799 - which is more expensive than in the United States of America and Hong Kong - when it's launched on 20th December, I feel the extended Asia warranty and playing experience should more than make up for it, especially given how long I’ve waited for a new console to get excited about. With Christmas right around the corner, it’d make a perfect present. For me (man, I hope my wife reads this).