Don’t be like Bill - the most annoying memes to ever go viral on Facebook

Please just stop already

Just like a disease, these images spread freely and caused a serious epidemic, turning the infected zombie-like in their actions on Facebook. 

Thanks to their mindless propagation, these memes flooded our newsfeed and turned into widespread annoyance. You know what we're talking about; meet the memes that were smart before they quickly became stupid.

Be like Bill

This is Bill. Bill is smug. Bill is now his worst nightmare. Don’t be like Bill.

Created by a Moldovan man by the name of Eugeniu Criotoru (not Bill or William, surprisingly), this holier-than-thou meme has been on the Internet since 2015. But it only became really annoying when everyone started backhandedly complimenting themselves on the right kind of social behaviour via the custom generator. Oh please, like you’re not guilty of perpetuating the biggest social media sin of the moment - being like Bill.

Keep Calm and…

Created by the British government way back in 1939, the original Keep Calm and Carry On poster was meant to lift the spirits of the public in troubled times - the Second World War to be precise. And it’s just like us to misappropriate a sacred message to deal with our first world problems, changing it up into different versions of “Keep Calm and Spend Some Money”.

Aside from its often obnoxious variations, we also took offence with its passive aggressiveness. How can we possibly keep calm when its useless suggestions were precisely the source of our agitation?

What People Think

Mainly focused on occupations, this particular meme looks like a child put it together in Powerpoint... without putting in much effort at all. Given its popularity, it's clear that a lot of people felt misunderstood.

But do we really need to understand? Do you have to care what people think? The answer to all the questions above should be no, if it isn't already clear, unless your job title is Galactic Viceroy of Research Excellence (a real thing at Microsoft).