Data roaming bill giving you a heart attack? Stay sane with these 8 travelling tips

Lock on to the correct data roaming network

8 tips for avoiding heart attack-worthy data roaming charges

Most telecom companies offer data roaming bundles to their customers, some of which have unlimited data usage for a daily fee. 

Sounds like a perfect solution. Except, if you're roaming outside of the partnered network, you're screwed because you'll be charged based on the roaming network's fees. Which could amount to a few thousand, nay, even a five-figure sum.

Make sure your smartphone is connected to the correct partner network. Some telecom service providers provide a "network lock" to ensure cellular data can only be accessed when your device is on the partner network.

Traveller Tip: If it's a short overnight trip, opt for the daily data roaming option. The quick turnover isn’t worth the hassle of purchasing a SIM card or renting a device.

Remember to switch off data roaming

8 tips for avoiding heart attack-worthy data roaming charges

Come on, you're on vacation. Smell the roses, stop checking Facebook! Always ensure data roaming on your phone is switched off when travelling outside your home network.

This feature is often left switched on and forgotten about on personal trips. Many users have often been caught off guard especially if your employer pays for data roaming while on work trips. Trust us, you don't want to pay for posting photos on Facebook while you're on vacation.

Traveller Tip: Disable cellular services as an additional precaution. This will ensure the smartphone transmits no data unless it’s connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Smartphone bad, dumbphone good

8 tips for avoiding heart attack-worthy data roaming charges

What? We're not bonkers, this really is the most effective and guaranteed solution. Leave your smartphone at home and bring along a dumbphone if you have to.  There’s no shame in using one just for a couple of days.

If you really, really need internet access, even the most basic travel lodges provide internet terminals so you will still be able to access your social media sites. Just remember the Great Firewall of China blocks access to Facebook and YouTube.

But you're on holiday anyway, stop worrying about your digital life.

Traveller Tip: Just take the smartphone along, but leave it switched off. You never know when you will need it in an emergency.