Data roaming bill giving you a heart attack? Stay sane with these 8 travelling tips

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8 tips for avoiding heart attack-worthy data roaming charges

You're gearing up for the week-long Christmas holiday. And you can't imagine going away without your trusty smartphone.

That's because you're probably the type that needs constant access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, instant messaging apps even on a vacation. The first world problem? That gruesome data roaming charge when the bill comes in.

Here are eight essential tips to save you the shock and heartache of having to face your phone bill when you return.

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Stick it up with a KnowRoaming SIM Card

8 tips for avoiding heart attack-worthy data roaming charges

This is a relatively new concept and it’s pretty seamless when compared to the hassle of swapping SIM cards around. You’d only need to stick the KnowRoaming SIM on top of your existing SIM card and when you travel to one of the 55 countries mentioned on the website (more are on the way), the device activates and you can start surfing when you are out of your home country.

Rates are slightly higher compared to the local prepaid plans, but the ease of use is definitely worth the price.

Traveller Tip: They offer an add-on service which allows call forwarding from your home SIM card number - purchase this option if you still want to be contactable.

Sharing is caring with a Mi-Fi device

8 tips for avoiding heart attack-worthy data roaming charges

Essentially a portable mobile hotspot, the Mi-Fi device connects to the local mobile network. This device typically supports up to five devices (better ones can support up to 10). It’s much cheaper than having everyone in the travelling party sign up for a roaming plan or purchasing a local SIM card.

The drawback to this is the short battery life of the device, which could range between a few short hours. Plus, having more devices means the device will need to work harder leading to an even shorter battery life.

Traveller Tip: Bring a battery pack along to keep the Mi-Fi device juiced up. It'll also break the ice with strangers who need the extra juice.