Correct these 8 data-draining sins on your Android smartphone

Busting your data limit every month? We’re here to save you from that nasty bill shock

Your Android smartphone is the portal to your daily entertainment. It’s also a hungry beast that feasts on your data if you don’t keep it in check.

You could spend more and bump up your monthly data bundle. Great for those with the spare cash, not so much for others who need to keep tight a leash on their spendings. Here’s the truth - it’s not a matter of how much data you have at your disposal. It’s how you make your Android phone consume less.

Trust us, even if you were use your mobile data to read this, it’s data well-spent to avoid these data-draining sins.

Data-draining sin #1: auto-sync

Feed, and by that we mean auto-sync your data-hungry smartphone too often, you’ll need an unlimited data plan to satisfy it.

Some might argue that you need to have your emails pushed to your phone constantly, so you don’t miss an important notice from work. But really, how often do you check your phone while you’re at work? Answer that question, and you’ll realise how much data you’re wasting when it keeps uploading a request to your mail server to download irrelevant data.

Data-draining sin #2: auto-play videos

We admit, we love a video with cats, dogs and all sorts of cutesy animals to brighten the day. But you know what will bum you out? Burning through your meagre 2GB of data with three weeks to go before the billing cycle refreshes. Allowing Facebook, Instagram and any other social media sites to boost their video views when your phone auto-plays videos is going to hurt. A lot.