The coolest bits of Microsoft’s super entertaining keynote

Never thought you'd see Microsoft bring the cool, did you?

If you didn’t manage to catch Microsoft’s keynote last night, you missed out. Big time.

It takes the prize for “the most entertaining keynote” of the year (a silent award ceremony in our heads). In a world of jaded tech journalists and leaked-to-death product announcements, Microsoft really brought the thunder (cue AC/DC). We’ve never been as glad to be caught off-guard.

Take a bow, Microsoft, you deserve it. 

AVR: HoloLens

We’ve seen HoloLens being demonstrated before, but not in this way. When it first showed up, we saw how it could potentially help us do the boring stuff in cool new ways. But yesterday, it performed its best trick yet. We don’t want to spoil it for you, but it involves a gauntlet and aliens in your own living room.

Google Glass? What’s that?

One more thing: Surface Book

Yes, we all knew that the Surface Pro 4 would be announced. But no one really saw this coming - the Surface Book. Yes, Microsoft made its own laptop. And it’s a thing of beauty. No, we're not being sarcastic. 

Plot twist: detachable display

Just when our heart rates were returning to normal, we were instructed to take a closer look at the same introductory video. We thought it was mere repetition for emphasis until the video before played past that 0:55 mark. When it ended, the response from the audience reached Apple levels of hype. In other words, Microsoft received a standing ovation for the first time in what seems like forever.

MVP: Panos Panay

And the man leading the charge on stage? Panos Panay, Vice President for Surface.

As he stalked the stage, fiercely reminding us why Microsoft still matters, people began tweeting about him. Why? His demeanor was radically different from the leaders we’ve seen on stage. To some he might have come across as abrasive, even condescending, but to others, he was clearly passionate about his pet project.

Hit play to see what we mean.