Conquer Destiny like a boss with these tips

Having trouble fending off The Darkness? Here are some tricks to get you through the tough parts of the first-person shooter
Conquer Destiny like a boss with these tips

The epic next-gen first person shooter from Bungie is finally live. Not already loaded up with pulse grenades? Well, you should be.

Lobbing grenades at The Darkness and its minions isn’t the only thing that’ll save your ass. Before you get captivated by quite possibly the best video game ever, take note of these pro-tips.

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Loot Chests, duh

Conquer Destiny like a boss with these tips

These are pretty rare in Destiny, so keep an eye out for them. There are about five gold chests packed full of glimmer and loot on Earth, the moon, Venus and Mars. Check out Kotaku’s guide to all the chests and also use the destination map to keep track of how many chests you’ve found.

Another thing to take note of is that chests won’t level up with you, so pick them up the first time you go through an area. Bosses and elite enemies (look out for the yellow health bar) also carry good loot and bonus glimmer so re-run missions to get more items.

Unlimited ammo!

Well, sort of. You don’t have to worry about running out of ammo in this game. Which is a big plus when you don’t want to scamper around looking for ammo packs during a fight with a boss. If your primary ammo reserves are down to zero and your secondary weapon is less than half full, you’ll get a big ammo reload ammo after 30 seconds.

That said, always remember to reload your special and heavy weapons before hitting a big boss. You don’t want to forget and come up shooting blanks. Having a good combination of weapons will help too, like the scout and sniper rifles.

Oh, and rocket launchers too. Because they are badass.

Carry out bounties like you’re Boba Fett

Conquer Destiny like a boss with these tips

Complete quests to score XP boosts to level up quicker. The bounties will vary from killing particular enemies to patrol missions on the different planets.

Take note, you can only take on a few bounties at a time, so prioritise according to where you are and what you’re doing. Focus on Mars-based bounties while you’re on Mars or Crucible-specific bounties in which you can score some decent XP rewards by completing a certain number of matches. 

Also remember to equip the items you want to upgrade before you cash in XP bounties so they’ll upgrade with your experience. 

One Hit Kills

Conquer Destiny like a boss with these tips

Aim for the head. This will save you some time when dealing with enemies that would otherwise take a few body shots to kill off especially when dealing with the the Hive’s running melee attackers. Remember, Vex robots on Venus have weak spots in their chests and shooting at their heads can make them run wild.

Alternatively, (Halo fans should be familiar with this tactic) a shotgun blast followed by a melee attack will land you a quick kill.

Bonus tip: dance monkey dance!

Because someone was bound to come up with this eventually, dance through your victories just like Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy.