This colourful LED wall will give your home a beautiful tech makeover

Or more likely your office, if you can persuade your bosses to shell out for it

That's either that's a prematurely aged toddler, or this thing is massive.

Defnitely the latter, but you're sort of right in that the Everbright wall is designed to bring out everyone's inner child. This colourful behemoth wants to give your colleagues, or maybe even customers, a creative outlet that's simple to use in order to make a communal space more fun. Think Google HQ and all the neat things they do to make life more pleasant - such as adult ball pits and Employee-Make-Happy-Slides.

So how exactly will this make me happy?

Shiny discs of joy! The Everbright's four-by-eight foot surface is covered in 464 LED lit 'pixels' that can be activated and then colour adjusted with a simple twist. Anyone, even a real toddler, should be able to get stuck in straight away and start creating their own pieces of digital art.

Does it do anything else?

Well, if your colleagues have taken to drawing rude symbols or aren't the most artistically inclined, the Everbright can also be set to one of three preset animations, where the hundreds of LEDs do their own thing without human intervention. Or you can just clear the whole board and start again with the reset button.

But if one breaks that would seriously bug me in the way that dead pixel on my monitor does.

Fortunately that's unlikely to happen. Hero Design, the company behind Everbright, says that the LEDs should last more than 11 years and each pixel includes redundant LEDs in case the others should fail. If one pixel should break for any reason, they're easily replaceable, as the whole system is modular and each can be detatched with no fuss.

Anything else I should know?

A couple of things actually. Firstly, the whole thing weighs 250lbs, so will require at least two people to heave it into place. Also, the Everbright features a giant price tag to match its giant everything else - a board this size will set you back around £16,500 (RM106,515).

There is also an EverBright Mini option available, which is 4ft square and features 256 pixels instead of 464, but even that costs around £9200 (RM59,390). A crazy price for a crazy product.