This climate box brings real world weather to your living room

In thunder, lightning or rain, this box makes the weather plain

What kind of elemental voodoo is this?

Elemental - yes. Voodoo - errm, we hope not. We don't know exactly how this weather-box works, but we're pretty sure it's not mystical. Though it can be misty.

That said, it does allow you to become a clairvoyant of the skies. Tempescope is an indoor weather simulator that recreates outdoor climates in the comfort of your living room, so you can keep tabs on what's happening up above without leaving the sofa.

So it'll help me confirm that England is suffering light drizzle 365 days of the year?

That it will. Tempescope can be set to one of three modes: Sky Sync, Weather Forecast and manual.

The first replicates the current weather in a location set by you. The second does exactly what it says on the rain bucket: it's still linked to a location set by the user, but, instead of recreating current weather, it shows what will likely be happening in the skies later that day or tomorrow.

If you're a fan of a specific atmospheric phenomenon you'll want to set the Tempescope to manual, which displays a certain type of weather regardless of what's happening outdoors. Love a little bit of lightning in your lounge? Sorted.

Let's say I live somewhere more exciting, like Siberia. Can it chill with me?

In that instance Tempescope might struggle. Currently the kit can emulate clouds, lightning, sunshine, and three different degrees of rain. Snow is, unfortunately, out of the question. 

However, the developers have made the kit's SDK public, and if you were so inclined you could program your box to do whatever you want, as long as it's within the hardware's limitations. Feeling like Thor? Better get coding.

Sounds awesome. I hope there's no DIY?

Ah. Whilst the Tempescope can make its own weather, it needs you to make it. 

You won't be asked to solder any parts together, but assembly requires wires to be connected and components to be screwed together. Still, that shouldn't be too tricky for a weather god like you.

Hmm, I'm interested - but I like my climate boxes reasonably priced...

Tempescope is an Indiegogo project and, as it stands, the minimum pledge required to receive your own climate display kit is £130 (RM860). There's also a slightly pricier pledge at £164 (RM1080), which includes a custom laser engraving on the side of the base.

The project's already secured 61% of its funding with 10 days left on the clock, so things are looking decidedly sunny for the Japanese team behind it. Tabletop weather domination could be just behind the clouds.