The best Christmas tech ads to give you festive feels

Holiday Dreams by Samsung (2014)

Although it features no Hollywood names, the animated girl easily outshines as the star of the clip. What’s more impressive is the backdrop of different Samsung Galaxy products that creatively form the canvas for her adventure. Watch how they made it all possible.

Festive feel-o-meter: We’re inspired to hang Samsung Galaxy products all over our office Christmas tree now.

Misunderstood by Apple (2013)

Lone teenager displaces himself from family activities to sit alone in the corner, tapping on his iThing. But things are not what they seem. Your faith in sulky teenagers will be restored after this.

Festive feel-o-meter: Being anti-social is the new social. So long as we have a touching video to show for it, we can be forgiven for being connected 24/7 to our devices.

Holiday Reflections by Samsung (2013)

With some reflection magic, you get real 3D images in cliche Christmas situations! Who needs Google Cardboard afterall?

Festive feel-o-meter: Sorcery! All these images of snow are making us feel warm and fuzzy inside, until the video ends and we remember where we actually live.