The best Christmas tech ads to give you festive feels

'Tis the season to market your products subtly under the guise of spreading Christmas cheer

What would Christmas be without marketing? Just a religious holiday with meaning and no money to be made from it, we suppose.

But don’t listen to us, watch the ads yourself, and try to resist the strange urge to go out and buy yourself a new shiny gadget.

Merry Christmas, everybody.

Microsoft celebrates the spirit of the season (2016)

Instead of filling the ad to the brim with Christmas clichés, the company has chosen to profile individuals who have all done their bit for the world this year (Trump not included). These people then come together creating art on Microsoft products (of course), set to a jaunty jingle that reminds us of the beauty in this world.

Festive feel-o-meter: Uplifting. There's light at the end of the tunnel, but we just hope it's not the headlights of an oncoming Trump train. 

Frankie's Holiday by Apple (2016)

You're in the wrong holiday, Frankie. Despite his best efforts to fit in, he's predictably shunned by the crowd because adults are judgemental like that. That is, until a little girl steps in...

Festive feel-o-meter: Child, check. Character in need of love, check. Christmas carol, check. You can always count on ad mavens Apple to deliver the warm-and-fuzzies.

Messi & Agüero by EA Sports (2015)

'Tis the season you can put reindeer next to anything and have it pass off as an attempt at festive relevance. Here, you have two great footballers play themselves in a game of Fifa 16 against two reindeer in Santa's snow-constructed home. No prizes for guessing who wins. 

Festive feel-o-meter: Using the starpower of two celebrity footballers isn't going to distract us from the fact that this is a shameless plug for the video game. It doesn't work, because we already bought the game. Joke's on you.

A Christmas Miracle by Beats by Dre (2015)

Fans of 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live will be glad for this one because it stars Tracy Morgan talking trash. We bet our jobs that you're not going to feel all fuzzy inside after this, but hey, you'll be entertained at least. And that's all that matters in this commercialised Christmas season. 

Festive feel-o-meter: Realistic. It's okay to not be chirpy and cheery just because it's 25 December. We like how Tracy Morgan is keeping it real. 

Holiday Giving by Lenovo (2015)

The plot is a little predictable in this chance meeting between a little girl and a homeless old man, but the use of tech isn't. Nevermind that we have a lot of questions about the impracticality of the gift and the source of this little girl's tech-savviness. It's the thought that counts, we suppose. 

Festive feel-o-meter: Awwww. A cute kid, an elderly man, and a dog have got to be the holy trinity combo of making anyone catch the feels.