Christmas Gift Guide: Stuff's Wish List

Dear Santa, the Stuff team has been awfully nice this year. Please, won’t you take a look at some of our ridiculous wishes?
Christmas Gift Guide: Stuff's Wish List

At Stuff, we believe that Santa has been keeping track of who’s been nice, and we should (at least, we hope) be on the nice list.

We make a few wishes to the jolly old man, and await a Christmas miracle for these gifts to appear on our doorstep.



I'm Batman!

I want a Batpod. If I can't get a Batpod, I want a brutally powerful motorcycle with giant tyres, gyroscopic tumbling capability, and front cannons. Why? Because I've recently been really getting into motorbikes, and the Batpod just epitomises everything I'd want from one. After all, it's able to: go really fast, roll over cars instead of between them, take corners at impossible speeds, and come to a halt in an instant. The most important part, however, is that I'd then be able to fire upon errant drivers who try to kill me by cutting into my lane without checking their blind spot.

Anne Hathaway in a tight leather suit would definitely be an added bonus.

Unlimited access to Steam

Unlimited access to Steam

Games, games and more games!

Legend has it that there’s a chosen few who have unlimited access to Steam’s inventory of games. By unlimited access, I mean free access. These legendary accounts grant the user access to all games on the Steam platform, both past, present and future. As a gamer, I can ask for nothing more than that - waking up everyday, knowing there’s a new game waiting for me to hoard, I mean, play.

And yes, what you see above is the list of games I own on Steam. Don’t ask how much I’ve spent, it’s too painful to remember.

Eyeborg, please

Mind trip, anyone?

No, I'm not saying I'd like Neil Harbisson all wrapped up for Christmas, I would just like to skip Google Glass and jump straight to eyeborg. While I can make out colours just fine (thanks for the concern), I would like to hear and feel them the way he does, thanks to his crazy cool eyeborg. It would be fascinating to re-experience the world and retrain your senses; imagine how trippy viewing something as dull as a screensaver would be. Granted, I would like the eyeborg to be less hovering-over-my-head-in-your-face and a lot more discreet. Cyborgs are awesome, have you not watched Planet Terror?

In other more realistic dreams, I'd really like an iPad Air to read my comics on.

Med Bay from Elysium

No more getting sick, forever!

I'll admit, I'm not exactly the healthiest of people. For me, keeping healthy is having the occasional salad. So having a machine that literally cures every single ailment you can come down with is really, really attractive. Why should I live a healthy life when the machine can fix me up? I could eat as many steaks or unhealthy food as I want and all I need to do is just chuck myself in the Med Bay and voila, I'll be fit as a fiddle. How about the fear of cancer-causing stuff? It's a thing of the past with the Med Bay. 

Alas, this might just be too impossible so I think I'll just have to make do with the new year's resolution of actually using my gym membership.