Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 12 gadgets and presents for movie fans

Lights! Camera! Action! These presents will make your festivities a blockbuster

Few things are so closely-linked with the Christmas spirit than big-screen flicks. Put the kettle on, grab a slice of the fruit cake and sink into the sofa for a family film afternoon.

Sometimes, though, just watching isn't enough. Inspired by Iron Man? Jealous of Bond's cocktails? Desperate for Star Wars dress-up? Spin-off gear doesn't come much better than this list of kit for the kitsch-mad movie-lover.


Cocktails of the Movies (RM64)

Hollywood and booze have been intertwined since the earliest flickers of the silver screen. From Marylin Monroe's infamous Manhattan to 007's classic vodka martini, there are iconic drinks littered throughout hundreds of movies.

This gorgeously illustrated cocktail tome serves up 64 classic recipes from the big screen, promising hours of delicious, light-headed entertainment. Having tried the Singapore Sling ourselves, we don't think you'll be disappointed.

Buy Cocktails of the Movies here

Battle-worn BB-8 and Force Band (RM940)

Not since the union of Lucas and film has there been a more glorious pairing than that of Sphero and BB-8.

Back with an all-new battle-worn paint job - trundling around the sands of Jakku takes its toll on one’s appearance - this collector’s edition also includes the new Force Band, which allows you to control the chirpy little ball of joy with hand gestures.

The band also vibrates when there’s a nearby disturbance in the Force, letting you physically explore your surroundings and collect relics on your smartphone, Pokémon Go-style.

Buy the Battle-worn BB-8 and Force Band here

Middle Earth - Six Film Limited Collectors Edition (RM2230)

How much is too much? When it comes The Lord of the Rings, it seems, the answer is nothing. Thought you'd seen all the director's cuts, extended editions and deleted scenes you could ever see? Think again.

This repackaged collection of 30 - yes, 30 - discs includes both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings triolgies in their extended forms. It comes nicely packaged in faux-leather, and there's even a 100-page book bundled in, too - as if you didn't have enough to be entertaining you already.

Buy Middle Earth - Six Film Collection here

Hulkbuster Collectable Figure (RM2800)

The Hulkbuster/Hulk fight is one of the best Avengers moments of recent times – namely because it involved the most destruction, and one of the biggest, baddest punch ups to appear on the silver screen.

Iron Man's custom-made Hulk-subduing armour does not mess around in the films or comics, and neither does this 20cm painstakingly movie-accurate figurine, designed to replicate its real life (well, CGI) version with incredible detail. Please don't let the kids ruin this.

Buy the Hulkbuster Collectable Figure here