Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 14 gadget gift ideas for creative types

From super styli to sticky sand, here's our list of the best presents for itchy-fingered creatives

Doodling, sketching, painting, drawing, sculpting. All things that people do.

Not us, mind: last time we went near some clay, Miss sent us home with a naughty letter and Tommy had to have his head shaved.

But, for the more talented individuals among us - those who can sketch out a stunning squirrel or mould a majestic mole without a second thought - this selection of gifts should be pixel perfect.

3Doodler Create (RM375)

Ever wanted to draw in mid-air? No? Well, with 3Doodler's magic take on making, you soon will.

With better airflow than the original, this second iteration of the plastic-spouting pen features a redesigned nozzle for smoother, more intricate 3D ABS designs - perfect for Nan to revive her garden ornaments.

Practice makes perfect, but the 3Doodler is an inherently intuitive cartridge consuming creator.

Buy the 3Doodler Create here

Wacom CTL-490DW-S Intuos Draw (RM300)

Quit sketching on the kitchen counter: this pressure-sensitive pen-and-tab combo is all you need to bring a festive boost to your Photoshop game.

Simple to set up and bundled with drawing software, pick up the pen and before you can say "Da Vinci" you'll be doodling digital masterpieces at your desk. It's compatible with both Mac and PC and the two shortcut keys should save you precious artistic seconds.

Buy the Wacom Intuos Draw here

iPad Pro 9.7 (from RM2699)

Real canvases are so last century. Would Van Gogh have smeared paint across the page if he could've created pixel-packed masterpieces on the iPad Pro’s 9.7in touchscreen, instead? Of course not.

At 437g it weighs about the same as a cartridge paper pad, and, paired with a pressure-sensitive Apple Pencil, is far more versatile than your average acrylic. What's more, its wide colour gamut - the same as that used by cinematic creators - shouldn't see you short of saturation.

Need a bigger canvas? There's always the iPad Pro 12.9, if you're a big scribbler.

Buy the iPad Pro here