Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 10 gadget gift ideas for Star Wars fans

From Death Star projectors to dinky R/C droids, here's our list of the best presents for Star Wars geeks

Star Wars obsessive? You won't find any thermal detonators or Dejarik tables in our list, but if you're happy to swap your galactic credits for ringgit you're certain to pick up a few fantastic bargains.

In fact, we’ve got anything but a bad feeling about this, with 10 cracking presents to help you feel the festive Force.

Unless...IT’S A TRAP. No, wait. It’s not. Now, watch your head and read on.*

* Number of Star Wars clichés: at least seven

Sphero Battle-worn BB-8 and Force Band (RM980)

Not since the very first union of meat and fire has there been a more glorious pairing than that of Sphero and BB-8.

Back with an all-new battle-worn paint job - trundling around the sands of Jakku takes its toll on one’s appearance - this collector’s edition also includes the new Force Band, which allows you to control the chirpy little ball of joy with hand gestures.

The band also vibrates when there’s a nearby disturbance in the Force, letting you physically explore your surroundings and collect relics on your smartphone, Pokémon Go-style.

Buy the Sphero Battle-worn BB-8 and Force Band here

Ultimate Star Wars (RM152)

Park up the Falcon and find a comfy couch at Stormbucks: this coffee table compendium leaves no concept, prop, battle or shot uncovered.

Spanning every inch of that long-ago galaxy (and every film made so far), at 320-pages, it’ll keep ‘Wars fans occupied better than a whole day’s pod-racing on Tatooine.

Buy Ultimate Star Wars here