Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 16 gadget gift ideas for fitness fanatics

VivoBarefoot Stealth 2 (RM560)

The barefoot craze hasn’t quite turned us all into Tarahumaran ultra-runners, but shoes like this make it a tempting alternative to pounding the pavements in standard-soled shoes.

VivoBarefoot's Stealth 2 shoes are a brilliant blend of breathability and flexible support. A slip-resistant sole is designed to provide grip whilst connecting your foot to the road, so you can focus on channelling your inner Forrest Gump.

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Plume Mudguard (RM135)

Drop your fair-weather friend’s excuses in a puddle with this pretty-sitting saddle splashguard.

A thermoplastic and stainless steel combo of super-lightweight style and supreme splatter protection, this is one mudguard that won’t compromise on cycling street cred.

Plume’s seat stem strap-on gives 78mm of water-blocking width when extended, and recoils into a neat reflective package when the sun reappears.

Buy the Plume Mudguard here

Camelbak Classic 2 Litre Hydration (RM260)

If you're going through this much water cycling or running then we bow to your superior fitness.

With a built-in pocket for keys, phones and energy gels, along with a straw for sipping on some much-needed water while running, the CamelBak Classic will be an important tool in your long-distance arsenal.

Buy the Camelbak Classic 2 Litre Hydration here

Cycleops Magneto Trainer (RM700)

The Magneto Trainer is ideal for those great tropical downpours where riding outside will get you drenched through before you've even clipped your shoes in.

It's the world’s first magnetic trainer with progressive resistance, which increases as you pedal faster. Just change gears as normal and let it sort out the resistance automatically. Simple, yet exhausting.

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