Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 6 gift ideas for adrenaline junkies

HTC Vive (RM5364)

How does an insatiable thrill-seeker kick back at the weekend? Sure, 4K TV is eye-wateringly sharp - but it's not nearly engrossing enough to get the palms sweaty.

Strap on a Vive helmet and you can keep your heart-rate racing until the next skydive. Its room-scale VR does take quite a bit of setting up and you will need a powerful PC, but, with a growing games line-up, it's also home to some of the most immersive digital experiences imaginable.

Buy HTC Vive here


Make The Most of Your Time On Earth 3 (~RM65)

Making the most of life is the andrenaline junkie's mantra. That, and "always have health insurance".

Pick up this Rough Guides book and you'll never be short of inspiration for your next death-defying adventure. In this third edition, you'll find sights and experiences to take your breath away - and, if it all looks a bit tame, you can always pack a wingsuit.

Buy Make The Most Of Your Time On Earth 3 here

It, by Stephen King – Audiobook (RM170)

Few things get the pulse racing quite like a scary story - and they don't come much scarier than Stephen King's It. Dim the lights, lock the doors and prepare to be frightened.

Lasting for almost 45 hours, this audiobook is sure to go where even the most thrilling of thrill rides fear to tread. Sure, it's not jumping out of a plane strapped to a sheet of cloth - but adrenaline junkies need to rest sometimes, and this is the thing to ensure they don't think of sleeping.

Buy the It, by Stephen King (Audiobook) here