Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 14 gadget gift ideas for retro lovers

Good ol' gifts for fans of yesteryear's tech

Sure, unwrapping a gleaming piece of shiny new kit on Christmas day is pretty awesome. But will that GlassPhone with SmartShaver™ really stand the test of time?

Avoid that question altogether by selecting something from this list. If you know someone who dreams of days gone by, when photos were printed, records were flipped, phones dialled, and toasters were more stylish than most TVs, we've got the gifts for you.

Polaroid Snap (RM627)

Do you find digital photos just a little too disposable? Remember when photography was an art, and you had no idea what you’d end up with until your holiday pics were developed?

Polaroid’s Snap gives you a taste of the good old days - only without waiting three days for Boots to finish faffing with your prints. It’ll print your pics out in seconds using thermal paper (no ink cartridges to worry about), before backing them up to microSD - so you can still stick ‘em up on Facebook, too, if you fancy.

Buy the Polaroid Snap here

Wild & Wolf Series 746 Phone (RM280)

Give the gift of 50-year-old telephone tech with this modern upgrade of a design classic. Based on the iconic ringer distributed by the British General Post Office, this re-imagining of your nan's favourite phone plugs straight into a standard socket to deliver refreshingly simplistic dog and bone brilliance. 

Available in the bold 70s colours we all know and love (our favourite is the Petrol Blue), this replica replaces the original dialler with push buttons, whilst retaining the out of place oldness that retro-revellers will revere. 

Buy the Series 746 phone here

Lego VW Beetle (RM500)

VW's little blue Bug is a motoring icon - one that deserves to be memorialised in blocky Lego form. Measuring in at 30cm long, this not-so-miniature mock-up will occupy some serious under-tree space.

Don’t go thinking you’ll be done with it before Christmas dinner, either: it’s comprised of a hefty 1000 pieces, including an accurately modelled 4-cylinder engine, roof-mounted surfboard and a 60s-accurate beige interior. Sadly, the Sgt Pepper soundtrack isn't included.

Buy the Lego VW Beetle here