Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 13 gadget gift ideas for book lovers

From blocky bookends to page-turning tablets, here's our list of the best presents for bookworms

Long before 2K screens lined our pockets with cat gifs and Candy Crush, people had to find other means for portable fun.

The humble book has entertained and educated over thousands of years, and will continue to do so for thousands more (unless we're wiped out by aliens looking to build a trans-galactic motorway).

Here are some of the best gifts to buy the bookworm in your life - and they're not all Kindles and bookmarks either.

Build On Brick Bookends (~RM90)

Add some blocky brilliance to your bookshelf with these build-on bookends. Compatible with all kinds of construction toys – we can think of one, in particular – you can attach just about anything you want to your new spine-supporters.

Whether you theme your creations to the plots of the page-turners they’re hugging, or just go brick-for-leather and put together a tight-to-the-tome masterpiece of Scooby Doo meets Stormtrooper, the fun doesn’t have to finish when the book does.

Buy Build On Brick Bookends here

Personal Library Kit (~RM50)

Step one: establish small book lending service.

Step two: stamp return dates ten years from now.

Step three: wait.

Step four: rake in the late fines as everyone reneges on their returns.

Do it all with this personal library kit, complete with checkout cards and stamp pad.

Buy the Personal Library Kit here

Lightmark (RM40)

Sometimes the littlest gifts are the brightest. Sadly, that’s not the case here: whilst this small story-stopper is sweetly-styled like a friendly desk lamp, it doesn’t actually light up – so it’ll hold your page as good as any Government injunction, but it won’t help with after hours speed-reading. Which is good, because it’s past your bedtime.

Buy the Lightmark here