Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 10 gift ideas for Android fans

Motorola Moto 360 (2nd Gen) (RM989)

The name’s 360, Moto 360.

OK, so calling a cab by talking to your watch might sound like something straight out of a Bond blockbuster, but somehow we always just end up tipping coffee on ourselves.

Still, everything else about the second iteration of Motorola’s smartwatch is as sleek as the man himself: from the full-round display to its stainless steel bezel, the 360 is more connected than ever, and delivers Android Wear in a devilishly deluxe package.

Got a sweaty friend? Buy them the Moto 360 Sport, instead.

Buy the Moto 360 (2nd Gen) here

Hello Moto

LG Rolly Keyboard (RM570)

Fat-fingered key-tappers fear not: abandon the bulk of your keyboard case, banish embarassing train typos and embrace the brilliance of this full physical keyboard that rolls up smaller than a Bavarian sausage.

Constructed from sturdy polycarbonate and with a pitch almost identical to most laptop keysets, this bluetooth finger-clicker is an on-the-go accessory without compromise. How digit-drummingly brilliant.

Buy the LG Rolly Keyboard here

Samsung Gear VR headset (RM330)

Sure, Google’s Cardboard contraption is pretty cool, but for a proper virtual reality romp you need something much more formidable.

Enter Samsung's latest VR effort: driven by the power of Oculus, this head-tracking helmet turns modern mobiles into movie magicians. Equipped with a touchpad for immersive control, it's as easy as plugging in your Galaxy to enter a world of imagined exploration made real.

Compatible with several Samsung devices, including the S7, Note 5 and S6 Edge, slip in your smartphone and strap it on to Granddad to give him the virtual time of his life.

Buy the Samsung Gear VR headset here


For too long have our lives been plagued with wires. Thankfully, wireless charging is here to liberate us from their tyranny. Ikea’s Riggad lamp has an in-built wireless charger, so you can charge your phone whilst enjoying some bedtime reading.

In bundling the two together, the smart Swedish store has done away with ugly chords trailing across your table, bringing new illumination to bedroom tech. Give this to a friend who freaks out from the sight of tangled wires, and they’ll forever be in your debt.

Buy the RIGGAD here