Cheer up with Superman, babies, and a two-legged dog

Three videos to make you feel better about being awake on the most depressing day of the week
Cheer up with Superman, babies, and a two-legged dog

Feeling terrible about the start of a new week? Bust the Monday blues with these videos. 

Superman saves the day

If you’ve watched Gravity and thought to yourself that Superman could have easily put an end to the entire fiasco, we’ve got good news for you - someone thought the exact same thing and made a video of it. This is how it will unfold, but thank goodness it didn’t, because Gravity would've ended at the twenty minute mark, prompting us to want our money back.

Is that a hint of a smile we see on your face?

Have a laugh at someone else’s expense

It’s already funny enough when babies scrunch up their faces after tasting lemons, but put it in slow-mo and it’s hilarious. Set to the epic track that is In The Hall of The Mountain King, watch as little kiddies eagerly reach out for the proffered food (because Mummy would never want to hurt them), bite into it, and then fling it at the camera. Guess innocence is truly lost upon first taste of lemon.

Cracking a smile now, we see.

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Pet therapy

How does a two-legged puppy experience life? Easy, as Duncan Lou, a boxer, shows us. Just a gambol on the beach is enough to make him almost burst at the seams with overflowing joy. He might be lacking half his legs, but that's not going to come between him and happiness, so what's a Monday in comparison then?

We see the fuzzy feels taking over. Filled with a renewed zest to take on the rest of the week, aren’t you? Our work here is done.

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