Check out these 360 videos that'll literally turn your head

Get a new, 360 degree perspective of familiar and rare sights

360 video - you've probably heard someone speak of or even seen for yourself. But what exactly is it?

In essence, It's an immersive video created with simultaneous 360 degree recordings of the same scene. During playback, viewers can choose to watch the same scene from different angles. They can interact with the video by dragging their mouses (when viewing on the computer) or panning their mobile devices, in order to alternate their viewpoints to look left, right, up, down or even behind the camera.

360 videos have become mainstream, with YouTube launching 360 video viewing support in March last year, while Facebook followed six months later in September 2015, allowing users to view 360 videos on their newsfeeds.

As part of Facebook’s official rollout, Disney debuted an exclusive 360 video, which allowed viewers to explore the surface of desert planet Jakku on their Star Wars Facebook page. If that got more than 240,000 shares on the social media platform, you know it's something worth watching and passing on.

Therein lies the growing popularity of 360 video. The concept is new and refreshing, but more importantly they are easily accessible through existing media platforms. You don't even need any special equipment to watch them, just your trusty smartphone will do the trick

We scoured the internet to bring you some super cool 360 videos that demonstrate the potential of this new medium.

The Fight to Save Threatened Species (360 Video)

Always wanted to dive with a Whale Shark or visit Africa to catch a glimpse of wild giraffes and rhinos before they disappear? Now you can almost do that with this 360 video by Discovery Channel.