Check out this 8-legged Spider-Goat

It's a bleating miracle, but the poor thing won't live for long
Check out this 8-legged Spider-Goat

In this week’s WTFriday news, we bring you a modern medical miracle - or monstrosity, whichever you prefer.

A baby goat with a little extra something was born on a Croatian farm. By a little extra something, we really meant an extra four legs, putting this kid’s total hoof count at eight.

But that’s not it. This kid’s sexuality is also ambiguous, as it has both male and female reproductive organs. Before you start screaming “KILL IT WITH FIRE!”, the little goat’s appearance is apparently due to it becoming one with an under-developed twin.

Like its life doesn’t suck enough already, local vets are saying that it’ll die within a week, or at the most, live up to only two to three years. But we guess that’s better than living a life confused about your sexuality. You have our sympathy, kiddo. 

Source: Gawker