Celebrate Star Wars Day with these 9 iconic moments

Pod Race

Now, let's move on to the *shudder* prequel trilogy. This boy built his own droid, pod racer and even raced in it. But this is no mere boy. He’s the one that’ll bring balance to the Force. Or, more like throw it out of whack and realign the light and dark side into balance. We might not be absolute fans of Episodes I to III, but you’ve got to give it to George Lucas for such amazing action sequences that keep your heart pumping.

Duel of the Fates

If you’ve managed to endure the mockery that is Jar Jar Binks in Episode I, at least you’ll be rewarded with the most epic lightsaber duel since the original trilogy. The masterful strokes of each lightsaber swing from Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-wan Kenobi, met by Darth Maul’s dual-lightsaber, satisfies even the most hardcore Star Wars fan.

Battle of Geonosis

If you grew up with Star Wars, seeing a lightsaber duel is sure to ignite the inner geek. Two duelists, you’ve always seen. No more, no less. In Episode I, you get three. Episode II amps this up with multiple Jedi Knights, all armed with lightsabers and deflecting laser blasts. You can’t deny it gets you all tingly with excitement when the Jedis wield these elegant weapons for a more civilised age.

Jedi Masters vs Sith Lords

We know how it ends in Revenge of the Sith - Master Yoda bids his time and awaits Luke Skywalker in the Dagobah swamps, Obi-Wan maims Anakin Skywalker and becomes an old coot in the Tatooine desert. Before all that, this is where the turning point begins, starting with the showdown between Sith Lords and Jedi Masters from both sides.