Celebrate Star Wars Day with these 9 iconic moments

In a galaxy not too far, far away, these battle scenes and lightsaber duels captivated audience around the world

May the Fourth be with you. Always.

4 May is the day when we go all out to pun both fans and non-fans of Star Wars with this word play on “May the Force be with you”, a phrase coined by the Jedis in a galaxy far, far away.

And with Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming soon on 18 December, this year’s Star Wars Day is all the more significant for fans worldwide. So it’s befitting that we celebrate it with the most memorable moments seen in all six episodes of Star Wars.

By the way, we’re starting with Episode IV: A New Hope. Forget the chronological order of the storyline - a true Star Wars fan will always start with the original trilogy before he or she moves on to the prequels.

Also, we promise, Jar Jar Binks won’t be featured here.

[Image: Star Wars Facebook]

Death Star assault

“Use the Force, Luke,” uttered the spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi as Luke Skywalker made the trench run in the Death Star. Leave all creepy thoughts of the disembodied voice aside. Fact is, a rookie X-Wing pilot trusting the all-powerful Force to guide a proton torpedo into the one weakness of the destructive battle station gets you on the edge of the seat. And when it lands, you’ll be pumping your fist in the air and celebrating the victory with the Rebels.

Battle of Hoth

Admittedly, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back starts off slow and tame. Or so we thought till the Empire’s AT-ATs stomp towards the Rebel base while the evacuation was in progress. Against all odds, a band of snowspeeders, armed with dual-lasers and rear harpoons, manage to take down multiple AT-ATs.

I am your father

As far as trilogies go, The Empire Strikes Back sets the standard for the most amazing plot twist. That is, if you’ve watched Star Wars like us old fogies, from Episode IV to VI, followed by I to III. For this is the moment when Luke Skywalker learns the truth about his father. And a little about what it means to say the half-truth. We would say spoiler alert, but really, there’s no way we can spoil this since it’s out in the open.

Also, a little bonus for those who can understand Hokkien. Trust us, you’ll want to watch this.

Battle of Endor

Mon Calamari cruisers versus Star Destroyers! X-Wings vs TIE fighters! This is hands-down the most epic battle that made Star Wars what it is today - a space opera in a galaxy far, far away. What makes this even more incredible is the fact that this was all done in the era before CGI took centrestage, when Lucasarts’ Industrial Light and Magic made this happen with minimal computer wizardy involved.