Celebrate Malaysia's web and app sensations this Merdeka

As the country celebrates this 31st August, we take a look at some of Malaysia's best work in the web and app sphere
Celebrating Malaysia's web and app sensations!

Happy Merdeka day, Malaysia! Let's bask in some national pride with the country's biggest web and app successes - some familiar and others unfamiliar, but all are unmistakabley Malaysian. (Pic credit: sxc.hu)


Who hasn't heard of AirAsia? Datuk Seri Tony Fernandez made online air booking sexy. And cheap. The result? Many a Malaysian now making the AirAsia website the first port of call for travel plans.



A startup darling, this company specialises in infographs to liven up dull presentations. With big-name clients like RedBull, Deloitte and WWF, we salute them - they're helping save many a hapless drone from Death by PowerPoint.

Alpha Kimori

If you're a fan of Big Fish Games, you might have noticed Alpha Kimori, an anime-inspired indie RPG by local developer Sherman3D. They are also behind the art on games like Scribblenauts and have been a long-time developer of games for featurephones.

If you're a fan of old-school JRPGs, you might find Alpha Kimori interesting. Watch the gameplay trailer, which also features music created with the funky Japanese program Vocaloid. You can get it here.

The King's League

Like the casual gaming site Kongregate? Then you might have spotted The King's League as part of its strategy offerings. But you might not have known that local outfit, Kurechii Studio, is behind it. You can also get this gem on Google Play. And while feeling patriotic, check out other games this studio has created.


Ah, Malaysians and their love-hate relationship with taxis. Well, at least the MyTeksi app will take away some of the aggravation in hailing a cab - it allows you to see nearby cabs and make a booking. It even gives you a rough estimate (though this may vary) of how much money you'll need for each journey.

Download it from the App Store or from Google Play.


We never thought we'd find a 'beer journal' among our list of Malaysian-made things, but a helpful guide to remembering where you last got plastered is totally a good idea.

Download it on the App Store, iPhone users!