Captain fantastics: the 7 best tools for winning your fantasy football league

Bookmark this lot and you'll be ‘there or thereabouts’ this season...

Have you ever found yourself awake at 1am agonising over whether to ‘take a hit’ on a ‘differential’?

Of course you have! We can see ‘reluctant Fantasy League addict’ written all over your exhausted face.

Well, the ‘good news’ is that it’s time to enter that sweet, sweet hell of picking your team for the new Premier League season all over again.

But wait, come back – the game’s irresistible mix of elements from Championship Manager, the stock market and poker doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a transfer-obsessed hermit.

We’ve put together a set of fantasy league tools that, while not technically cheating, should give you an unfair advantage over that guy who’s somehow the Mystic Meg of captaincy choices.

Rest assured, whatever decision you make, it’ll be the wrong one anyway.

(We're focusing mainly on the official Premier League game here, but most of the tools will be handy to all forms of the game)...

1) The data analyst: Fantasy Football Fix

Actually paying for help with your Fantasy League tactics feels like crossing a line, but who can put a price on bragging rights?

This site plugs your spreadsheet (and spare time) weaknesses, serving up points projections for the next five weeks, strategies for rotating players, starting line-up probabilities and other analytics that will leave you questioning your life priorities.

Sure, you might feel a bit dirty signing up for the £10 (RM60) Pro Pack (a £5, RM30 Essential Pack is also available), but you know Jose Mourinho would do it.

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3) The statto: Whoscored

“Football is a numbers game” has been said more times by Michael Owen than “goals wins games”. But despite how annoying his punditry may be, adopting the Moneyball approach may not be such a bad idea.

WhoScored offers every stat you could possibly want, straight from the source, from simple stuff like goals and assists, to more advanced info such as shots per game and pass success rate.

With so much raw data you should be able to predict when Rashford goes on a goal spree, so you can time your Triple Captain to perfection.

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