Can’t win at Mario Kart 8, Watch_Dogs or Titanfall? Adopt these tricks

Believe it, Doralin Kelly’s a gamer. How else would she know about these hidden secrets in these games?
Can’t win at Mario Kart 8, Watch_Dogs or Titanfall? Adopt these tricks

Mario Kart 8. Watch_Dogs. Titanfall. Three great games that didn’t take me long to master. You can do it too.

How? Through gaming hacks. Okay, that’s slightly exaggerated. It’s really small secrets that you never knew existed in these games. Use this powerful knowledge to destroy your friends in a Mario Kart 8 race, go on an Easter Egg hunt in Watch_Dogs and/or Titanfall.

You’re welcome.

Mario Kart 8

Can’t win at Mario Kart 8, Watch_Dogs or Titanfall? Adopt these tricks

Nail a perfect starting boostStart all your races with a turbo boost by punching the accelerator at the right moment before the race begins. Here’s how to get the timing just right: hit the accelerator right as the number 2 countdown reaches the bottom of its drop. But remember, this means your rivals will start the race with better power ups!

Unlock gold kart partsWant to roll up to the finish line in a blinged out kart? Here’s what you need to do to unlock these solid gold kart parts.

Get 54 points or more to get at least 1 star on every 150cc and Mirror Mode race for a Gold Standard Kart. To unlock Mirror Mode: earn a Gold Trophy for every Cup in the 150cc difficulty.

Collect 10,000 coins to get a Gold Glider. Tip: Playing in multiplayer will give you the total amount of coins collected by all players in every race. Show me the money!

To score a Gold Handle, use the Wii handle for 50/100 of your most recent stages. Finish off your pimped out ride with Gold Tires by beating all of the Time Trials Staff Ghosts.

Other kart parts are unlocked every time you get 50 coins. At 1000 coins, total kart parts are unlocked every 100 coins.

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Can’t win at Mario Kart 8, Watch_Dogs or Titanfall? Adopt these tricks

Lock and load with special weaponsStop 20 crimes and you land yourself a Chrome Revolver. Take down 10 criminal convoys to get a Destroyer Sniper Rifle. Completing 9 weapons trades missions will give you a Spec Ops Goblin Assault Rifle. As for the Wildfire Assault Rifle, unlock this by completing 6 mission persons cases.

Scarface fans, this one’s for you. Doing 17 QR codes unlocks the Gangster Tommy Gun. Say hello to my little friend!

Beat the Shell gamePlay the Shell game with the hustler. After he moves the cups around, pause the game before picking a cup. Access the options menu and turn the brightness up to 100 then unpause the game. Pause it again and for a split second you should be able to see the outline of the ball in one of the cups. Pick that cup to win the round.

Easter eggsSpot the Far Cry: Blood Dragon arcade cabinet in ‘Grandma’s Bulldog’ Act II, a reference to the DLC released for Far Cry 3. 

There’s also an Assassin’s Creed easter egg in Aiden’s Bunker hideout Act II. Look out for a video log in which a kid plays through a scene in Assassin’s Creed while his dad watches.

In the ‘Big Brother’ mission, check out Jack’s room at the end of the hall to the left. There you can play with a Rayman: Raving Rabbids toy.

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Can’t win at Mario Kart 8, Watch_Dogs or Titanfall? Adopt these tricks

For the snipersYou can land on a high-line sniping spot (you want the Longbow DMR Sniper for this) by ejecting from your Titan in maps like ‘Here be Dragons’ and ‘Angel City’. Land on the cliffs in ‘Here be Dragons’ and wall run the skyscrapers or other titans in ‘Angel City’.

Unlockable Titan ClassesUnlock the three default classes of Titans to customise their loadouts. Atlas requires you to reach rank 10. Finish the IMC or Militia campaign to unlock Stryder and finish both the IMC and Militia campaigns to get to Ogre.

Easter eggsAs a massive Star Wars fan, I can truly appreciate this one. One of the helmets worn by a Titanfall Pilot is inspired by Boba Fett’s helmet. Yes. I approve.

Titanfall shows some love for an artist and/or anime on the ‘Angel City’ map where you can find a poster that says “How Bout Apple Juice” and “KODAI".

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