Can you survive these 9 post-apocalyptic mobile games?

Warning: they're just a smidge addictive once you get started

It’s tough not to be concerned with the end of human civilisation. With so many post-apocalyptic visionaries out there, we trust there will be zombies from some failed super-soldier experiment, or an asteroid triggering deadly volcanic eruptions and massive fissures on earth.

Perhaps these games could teach you a few tips, and give you a significant edge when it comes to crunch time. Or some entertainment to pass the time, sitting isolated on a rock surrounded with sputtering pools of lava as the world goes under.


We humans are no fun – we’re always depicted as victims in most post-apocalyptic films. Plague Inc lets us switch shoes in this morbid title, taking the form of a virus that tries to spread, evolve and ultimately eradicate mankind before they can find a cure.

Find a twisted satisfaction in creating your perfect pathogen with traits ranging from coughing to organ failure. The unique mix of strategy and realistic simulation will keep you engaged for hours.

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Surviving is really about adapting. Guiding these little fluffy winged-creatures away from the left edge of the screen seems straightforward enough, but things can change in an instant. Dodge unexpected dangers as you navigate through a forest littered with a sadistic variety of environmental hazards. Think buzz saws, deadly spikes, minefields… Badland is an eye-catching game with vibrant, arresting backgrounds contrasting with the ominous, silhouetted foreground.

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Mysterious black oil is turning people into zombies, of course. So pick up your gun and defend against the horde in this first-person shooter with an extremely friendly and intuitive interface. Simply tap two fingers on the screen and your shot will be fired directly between those two pressed points. No more virtual joysticks! Complete missions by a zombie killing spree or defending against waves to get loot. The Drowning has console-like graphics and a polished set of controls to promise hours of buttery-smooth gameplay.

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