From calling your dog to stalking your cat: 10 gadgets for your pet

Who says animals can't use tech?

Never doubt a pet owner’s dedication to their pets.

Mummies and daddies of adorable furkids and scaly-sprogs are a force to be reckoned with, especially when it comes to ensuring that their pets get the best of the best. Case in point, Paris Hilton and this crazy US$30K Hello Kitty Crystal Dog House.

As we move into a new era where our homes are slowly transformed into the mecca of comfort and innovation, our pets are far from being left out. If you’re a crazy cat-lady or just a concerned pet parent, here are the top 10 home gadgets that your pets will absolutely adore.

PetNet (US$149/RM613)

Love is food, every pet knows that. But when your daschund’s stomach drags on the ground as he runs, you know that something’s got to give.

PetNet, a smart pet feeder that is controllable from your smartphone, not only helps set healthy portions, it also allows you to feed your pets remotely, meaning that you’re allowed to get out of the house and love other humans as well (aka have a social life).

The power in this gadget is the smartphone app. At first glance, it looks pretty much like a fitness app — you key in your pet’s details, and it will recommend food recipes and portions based on that information. You can then connect to your device, and PetNet will remotely dispense food in your home at scheduled feeding times. It also comes with a Manual Feed Button that allows you to feed your pet from bed when Fluffy comes begging.

Get PetNet here

Clever Pet (RMTBC)

Like you, dogs need stimulation to stay sane. You don't want to come home to a berserk Fido one day, do you?

Clever Pet is the latest automated pet companion on the market. Stocked with treats, this smart little white robot will reward your dog as it interacts with it. Making use of preset games that sync to the device from a Clever Pet cloud system, it automates flashing lights, paw-sized buttons, and voice commands to teach your dogs new tricks. Fido will eventually learnt to understand patterns, voice commands, and even develop logic skills with more complicated challenges.

The device even syncs to the Clever Pet app to track your pet’s progress, strengths, and even regulate your dog’s food intake. With technology like that, your dog may not even need you around anymore. Though that may not be the best thing…

Get Clever Pet here

PetCube (US$199/RM818)

Being a pet owner brings up the inner stalker in all of us. We take pictures and videos of them, set up fake Facebook and Instagram profiles of them, and even put webcams up in our homes to spy on them. PetCube brings it a step further.

With a wide-angle (138º) HD camera, you can spy on your pets in real time. A built-in microphone and speaker also helps you speak to them. Imagine listening to your parents’ voice piping through the house when you’re lounging at home — that could really mess you up.

But to really troll your pets, its laser pointer can be controlled through your smartphone, allowing you to make your pets go nuts and run around the house like a maniac and, according to the site, “get some exercise”. We’re not complaining, it’s definitely better than playing with our tamagotchi app at work.

Get PetCube here