The Butterfly 2 is an Asian flavor: HTC

The company expects it to be a big hit in the countries it’s going to be sold in
The Butterfly 2 is an Asian flavor: HTC

HTC’s new Butterfly 2 smartphone will soon grace our retail stores, as soon as HTC announces pricing and availability details, but that doesn’t mean Singapore isn’t already eyeing it.

The HTC Butterfly 2 could probably be a big hit for the smartphone maker, if the sales of its predecessor in Japan and Taiwan are any indication. That is according to HTC North Asia president, Jack Tong, who was speaking at the recent launch of the HTC Butterfly 2 smartphone in Tokyo.

He claimed that the company decided to roll out the remake of the J Butterfly across Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand because the company found that most of Asia has got a similar taste in smartphones and has a similar culture to Japan. 

“It has a high tech, premium design that will come at an affordable price, so consumers will like that,” he said.

One success a bridge to many?

The Butterfly 2 is an Asian flavor: HTC

Tong added that the move was to encompass a bigger variety of consumers seeking a cheaper alternative to its flagship higher end devices, such as the HTC One (M8). “This Butterfly form factor will provide an option for all Asian consumers. They can consider if they prefer the metallic premium design or a more colourful, elegant design like this.”

Design has been one of the strongest features of HTC devices, and the One (M8) was met with critical acclaim for its high-quality design when it was launched. But stiff competition from the likes of Apple, Samsung and even Chinese company Xiaomi has given HTC a tough time. With three consecutive operating losses under its belt, the tides have recently turned for the Taiwenese company after the One (M8) brought its numbers back to the profit zone.

Tong expects the Butterfly 2 to build off the success of the J Butterfly and its predecessors and make a mark in the Asian sphere. Whether this dream of his becomes a reality, is something that only the future will tell.

“If there has been a successful replication in the Taiwan market, I see no reason why it won’t be the case across the rest of Asia. I see this as us moving in the right direction,” he added.  

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