Build the ultimate home setup for the World Cup 2014 final

Will Germany replicate the 7-1 win at the final round? You have less than a week to gear up in style and comfort for the epic match next Monday
11 essential items to create the ultimate home setup for World Cup 2014

Four years, and a whole lot of patience have led football fans to this glorious moment - World Cup 2014. Germany has thrashed Brazil on their home ground. Now all that's left is for the final match next Monday, 14 July at 3am.

But for those who weren't able to secure those hotly contested tickets to the matches in Brazil, or you just couldn’t get out of work (there’s only so much sick leave you can take), we've got the next best thing for you - watching the live matches from the comforts of your home.

And we’ve got the setup that’ll keep you all cosy and prepared for the mad late nights you’ll be keeping to see all the action.

Scroll on down and meet the dream team Stuff gathered for the World Cup 2014.

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FourFourTwo Stats Zone

11 essential items to create the ultimate home setup for World Cup 2014

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Powered by Opta's most in-depth football database, Stats Zone will change the way you watch football and allows you to analyse every match in amazing detail.

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FourFourTwo Malaysia: where all the World Cup action is

It's going to be a month of excitement as our FourFourTwo editors work tirelessly through the night to give you the latest World Cup updates.

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