Born again: The frankenphone we want to see Nokia make

We revisit the classics to give Nokia suggestions for their future creation(s)

Have you heard? Nokia is making phones again.

Sadly, it's not the dream phone we had in mind. What were we envisioning? We're glad you asked...

Ruggedness of the Nokia 5210

Before we realised that we even needed phones to be dust and water-resistant, the rugged Nokia 5210 was already braving elements in its stride.

What makers don’t realise is that we’re more likely to drop our phones than to risk bringing them out to the pool, let alone let them take a dip to test water-resistance, so what the 5210 offered was a lot more practical. Clad in a rubber Xpress-On shell, the hardy 5210 was able to bounce back from the worst drops.

Don’t believe us? Watch this (rather motion sickness-inducing) video that proves that shattered screens are a thing of the future.

Longevity of the Nokia 3310

We mean that in every sense of the word. The Nokia 3310 has starred in many a meme that showcases its amazing durability, enduring both all day use and drops. Although not designed to be a rugged phone, the 3310 has proven it’s worthy of a hard knock life.

But more desirable than its legendary tough shell is probably its long battery life. Those were the days when people didn’t have to suffer panic attacks when they realise they forgot to charge their phones overnight. Even when we were down to the last bar of battery life, there was still the chance that it could last us through the night.