The Big Question: How to fix Wi-Fi blindspots in your home

Not getting a Wi-Fi signal? Here's how to right that wrong

Wi-Fi is the life essence of all our tech gadgets these days unless you intend to rack up thousands of dollars using your cellular data.

In an ideal world, Wi-Fi should be everywhere, but in reality, it isn’t. Even in our own homes and our offices, there seems to always be “that spot”, where you just can’t get a signal in or out. It’s the Bermuda triangle of your home. So how do you find and fix these blind spots?

Image: Kaspersky


The first thing you want to do is analyse the Wi-Fi strength in your home. I’m not talking about just judging by the number of bars you get on the Wi-Fi symbol.

Using a dedicated software to check out the Wi-Fi strength before moving your router around could be useful in establishing a fixed baseline which you should seek to improve upon.

Credits: Thesba

If you own a laptop, try using Acrylic Wi-Fi Analyzer or WiFi Inspector. If you own an Android device, the choice is clear. Just use the WiFi Analyzer app, and last but not least, if you are the proud owner of an iPhone, consider using the WiFi Multimeter app.

All of these applications will help you locate the blind spot and check the overall signal strength at home.