Big boy toys: The CES tech you won’t need, but will definitely want

Because we all need a little fun sometimes

CES 2017 isn't all practical tech, there's a portion of it that's dedicated to the fun stuff. 

Within Eureka Park, you'll find a ton of ideas that are just waiting to be kickstarted into reality. A lot of them won't change your life, but they will make it inifinitely more fun. Go on, add these to your birthday list. We all deserve nice things. 

PowerUp FPV

Who says you need a pilot’s licence to fly a plane? This little project is a modern upgrade of your old classroom antics. It lets you power a paper plane with your smartphone or in this latest version, via VR. We loved the original and this is a lot more immersive. 

You mount the attached camera to your paper plane, hold the included Cardboard-inspired VR headset to your face, and steer the plane with your head movements. You can even take images and videos of your experience as you fly up to 300 feet (92m).

And if you’re afraid of losing your winged friend, all you have to do is press a button on the headset and it will auto-pilot its way back to you.

The PowerUp FPV costs US$199 (RM890) and starts shipping in February.


Anki, you’ve got competition. This Bug-like toy robot might be targeted at children, so we don’t know why we want one so much. You control it via app with your smartphone and it comes with a playmat that allows your MekaMon to roam in augmented reality. If you have more than one, they can do battle with each other.

Thanks to its sensors, it will stagger when it’s shot and moves about in a creepily realistic way. To make things more interesting, weapons that you can attach to your MekaMon will be sold separately. They don’t necessarily mean more power, just different gameplay.

The MekaMon costs US$279 (RM1250) and will start shipping mid-March.