The better travel buddy: iPhone 7 Plus or the Samsung Galaxy S8+

Food photos

Things you do on vacation: eat great stuff. Of course, you take photos to share (show off) with your friends and while both the iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy S8+ took great photos indoors, on a cloudy day the results are a bit subjective.

The test subject here was a bowl of Sabah-style laksa and at a glance, it seems as though the S8+ wins thanks to the clarity and brightness of the photo.

One caveat, though: the colours aren't actually accurate. In real life, the laksa was delicious, but of a more brownish, earthy colour so the iPhone 7 Plus' rendition is colour-accurate, with more details apparent. But the Galaxy S8+ is Instagram-worthy with pretty much no need for a filter or tweaking.

So it all comes down to whether you want a more 'real' rendition of your food or a social-media ready photo. You want people jealous? Then probably the S8+ wins.