The best tech habits and tips to get you through 2018

A list of resolutions and solutions to make you fitter, tidier, more productive and secure this new year

“New year, new me” – that’s what we always hope for anyway, when it comes to new year resolutions.

Now here’s a list you can actually stick to. It’s full of little actions that will add up to make a big difference, not just in terms of tech but your life as well. From small steps to reduce damaged tech to helping you manage your budgets and better your fitness, look up - it’s going to be a good year. 

Charging habits: Keep your phone off your bed

We begin on a note of safety: don’t sleep next to your phone!

You've probably already heard this; when turned on, phones emit a great deal of electromagnetic radiation that lead to cancer and can kill off brain cells. If you’re that overly attached to your phone, turn on airplane mode to cut off emissions.

A charging phone is also a fire hazard, especially when you're sleeping. You never know when wires or circuits will get overloaded and start sparking up. Better to play it safe and get yourself a bedside table, or charge it far, far away from you on your desk. 

Charging: Don’t overcharge

Another reason to not leave your devices charging overnight: charging over long periods leads to higher ambient temperatures that can cause the battery to depreciate over time. Yes, even though phones and chargers are now smarter and equipped with protection chips to safeguard them from overcharging. Keep your device in tip-top condition by unplugging it after 2 hours.  

Worse, if your devices aren't equipped with smart tech, the batteries can expand and eventually lead to severe overheating and even explosions. 

Too lazy? Set an alarm or help yourself to a charger with an in-built timer that cuts off electricity when your specified period is up. 

Cable control: switch out faulty cables

iPhone cables are notorious for fraying after a couple of months of use. This exposes the circuit and poses a real fire hazard. It’s the new year; time for a change. If you really can’t (or won't), be sure to tape your cable up to minimise risks. 

Cable control: Keep them tidy

There are plenty of creative and low-cost ways to keep your cables organised. First step: keep them off the table. Which means finding ways to attach the ends to the edges of your tables, or underneath.

Tie up long cables and tuck them behind your monitor or books. You can also use the hands of LEGO figurines to hold your phone cables when the cables aren't in use.

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